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Miami Hurricanes

Class of '21

WR Jacolby George              Fort Lauderdale, FL              Plantation

HT: 5'-11"  |   WT:  161   |   Rating: 92    |    Rank: #28 WR      |   Nat: #170


OC Ryan Rodriguez                 Miami, FL                             Columbus

HT: 6'-3"    |    WT:  280   |   Rating: 88   |   Rank: #7 OC   |   Nat: #412


OT Michael McLaughlin     Pompano Beach, FL     Stoneman Douglas

HT: 6'-7"   |   WT:  290   |   Rating:  89   |   Rank: #26 OT     |   Nat: #338

ATH Malik Curtis               Ft. Meyers, FL                           Bishop Velot

HT: 5'-11"    |   WT:  160   |   Rating: 85   |   Rank: #65  ATH   |  Nat: #895

DT Allan Haye                   Hollywood, FL             Chaminade-Madonna

HT: 6'-1"  |   WT: 296   |    Rating:  85   |   Rank: #56 DT      |   Nat: #899


RB Thad Franklin               Hollywood, FL            Chaminade-Madonna

HT: 6'-0"    |    WT:  225   |   Rating:   91   |   Rank: #11 RB     |   Nat: #236

S Cameron Kinchens         Miami, FL                                Northwestern 

HT: 5'-11"   |    WT:  201    |   Rating: 89   |   Rank: #23 S    |   Nat: #332

TE Kahlil Brantley                Miami, FL                              Northwestern

HT: 6'-2"  |   WT:  205   |   Rating: 86    |   Rank: #41 TE      |   Nat: #799

ILB Deshawn Troutman           Orlando, FL                           Edgewater

HT: 6'-1"    |   WT:  205   |   Rating:  86   |   Rank: #33 ILB    |    Nat: #685

TE Elijah Arroyo                   Frisco, TX                             Independence

HT: 6'-4"   |   WT:  210   |   Rating: 91    |    Rank: #9 TE      |   Nat: #234


STK Chase Smith                  Palm Bay, FL                                  Bayside

HT: 6'-3"    |   WT:  190   |   Rating: 90  |    Rank: #17 ATH      |  Nat: #293


WR Romello Brinson             Miami, Fl                               Northwestern

HT: 6'-2"   |   WT:  180    |    Rating: 93    |   Rank: #25 WR    |   Nat: #139

ILB Thomas Davis                   Valdosta, GA                             Lowndes

HT: 6'-0.5"   |  WT:  235   |  Rating:  87   |   Rank: #24 ILB   |   Nat: #514

K Andres Borregales           Hollywood, FL         Chaminade-Madonna
HT: 5'-11"    |    WT:  140   |   Rating:  82   |   Rank: #3 K     |   Nat: #NA


WDE Jabari Ishmael               Miami, FL                                  Columbus

HT: 6'-5"    |    WT:  210  |   Rating: 91   |   Rank: #17 WDE    |   Nat: #239


OG Laurence Seymore          Miami, FL                                       Central

HT: 6'-1.5"   |   WT:  293   |   Rating: 92    |   Rank: #10 OG    |   Nat: #162

OLB Tyler Johnson            Homestead, FL               South Dade
HT: 6'-2"   |   WT:  200   |   Rating:  87   |   Rank: #31 OLB    |   Nat: #529

WR Brashard Smith           Miami, FL                                          Palmetto

HT: 5'-8.5"   |  WT:  190  |  Rating:  91   |   Rank: #37 WR    |   Nat: #215





DT Leonard Taylor            Miami, FL                                          Palmetto

HT: 6'-4"    |    WT:  265   |   Rating:  99   |   Rank: #1 DT      |   Nat: #10

S James Williams               Fort Lauderdale, FL                           Western

HT: 6'-5"   |   WT:  218    |   Rating: 99   |   Rank: #1 ATH    |  Nat: #13



QB Jake Garcia                         Loganville, GA                  Grayson

HT: 6'-2.5"    |     WT:  195   |   Rating: 97   |   Rank: #5 Pro   |  Nat: #46    

Jacolby George.jpg

Jacolby George is an explosive player with great skill sets. He brings speed and can strecth the field. Great body control and a perfect fit for Miami's spread offense. He is also an outstanding punt returner that has the speed and vision to take it to the house.

Ryan Rodriguez.jpg

Ryan Rodriguez is a tough, smart, grind it out interior offensive lineman. While he is projected to be Miami's center of the future, Ryan has the versatility to slide to guard, if needed. He has very good balance, good body control, and positioning skills to go with a nasty finishing attitude.

Michael McLaughlin.jpg

Michael McLaughlin has all the prerequisites of an offensive tackle. At 6'7"/290, Michael has grown tremendously since committing to Miami. He'll need to build strength and refine his technique, but the upside is definitely there for the future.


Malik Curtis.jpg

Malik Curtis is lightning in a bottle. He brings SPEED and athleticism to the table. He is also very versatile, playing cornerback, wide receiver and kick returner.. Miami will start Malik on defense but don't be surprised to see him stretching opposing offenses as a slot receiver in the future.


Allan Haye.jpg

Allan Haye is a big, athletic and disruptive defensive tackle. He's got an excellent take-off and hand placement. Allan will need to acclimate to the speed of the game at the college level and gain functional strength, but down the line he has the potential to be a very disruptive force in Miami's attacking scheme.

THAD Franklin.jpg

Thad Franklin is a powerfully built, tough, durable, and explosive running back. He has good feet, a powerful lower-body, great lateral vision, plays behind his pads and delivers blows on contact. Can be a workhorse back and a force inside the redzone.

Kam Kinchens.jpg

Cam Kinchens is a natural safety prospect, possesing great instincts, great field vision, with a very high football IQ. He's also a very hard-hitter, a tough-nosed athlete and projects a great locker room presence.

Kam Kinchens.jpg

Kahlil Brantley is a natural pass-catching tight end. He's versatile, can play wide or inside. Strong hands, and a great knack for making tough catches, particularly in the red zone. He will need to grow in size and strength, but Kahlil has the potential to be another dangerous Miami tight end down the line.

Deshawn Troutman.jpg

Deshawn Troutman is explosive, tough-nosed, instinctual and great leader. Takes good angles and stays square to the line of scrimmage. Deshawn is a fierce and relentless hitter. In short, he's a playmaker. He will need to gain body mass and functional strength, but will immediately contribute on special teams.

Elijah Arroyo.jpg

Elijah Arroyo is a lengthy, athletic pass-catching tight end. He has great leaping ability and good hands, thus a potential red zone threat.  For his size, Elijah has demonstrated good run-after-catch skill. He must gain size and strength to be effective in a run blocking capacity. Also needs to refine his route running techniques, particularly with take-off and breaks.

Chase Smith.jpg

Chase Smith is the prototypical Miami striker. He posses good length and athleticism. He is very athletic, so he can play effectively in space but still tough enough to stop the run. Chase has excellent change of direction and is relentless in his pursuit. These are all unique skills perfect for defense against college spread offenses.

Romello Brinson.jpg

Romello Brinson is a tall, fast, athletic wide receiver who can stretch the field with his deep threat skills. He has long arms and a long stride. Romello is an exposive playmaker, with excellent body control to make difficult catches. Must gain weight and get stronger. Also needs to improve his route running and releases. A true deep threat that defenses must always be aware.

Thomas Davis.jpg

Thomas Davis is the epitome of a Miami edge DE. His great speed, lateral quickness, and explosive first step makes him a dangerous pass rusher. Thomas plays with a great twitch. A relentless tackler, Thomas' speed and relentlessness wreak havoc all over the field.

Andres Borregales.jpg

Andres Borregales is an elite high school placekicker and the future placekicker for Miami. He comes from a family of kickers, that includes his older brother Jose, the Canes's current placekicker. At Chaminade, Andres has hit field goals of 57 and 56 yards. Andres is ready to take over for Jose, when he closes his college career.

Jabari Ishmael.jpg

Jabari Ishmael is a 4-star edge rusher with very good length and quickness. His relentless pursuit of quarterbacks and excellent reach lives up to Miami's aggressive defensive reputation at that position. Jabari also brings versatility, able to play in space as a linebacker, if needed. Needs to gain weight and strength.

Laurenence Seymore.jpg

Laurence Seymore is an extremely physical road grader at offensive guard. Known as "Big Baby," Laurence is a fierce competitor  with a compact build on a wide base. He can be dominating inside and loves to finish with a pancake block. Plays with good leverage and doesn't take plays off. He relishes getting after people.

Tyler Johnson.jpg

Tyler Johnson is an explosive, tough and hard-hitting linebacker. He demonstrates good change of direction and is a particularly good pass rusher off the edge. His quickness and tough presence comes up big  against the run. Tyler is the younger brother of former Cane safety Jaquan Johnson.

Brashard Smith.jpg

Bradshard Smith is a dynamic playmaker at wide receiver. He's lightning with the ball in his hands. Brashard has very good lower body strength and elite acceleration, thus excellent yards-after-catch ability. He's a perfect fit in Miami's spread, high tempo offense. The Canes plan to use Brashard out of the slot position but can be very explosive all over the field, even as a wildcat.

Leonard Taylor.jpg

Leonard Taylor is an elite 5-star defensive tackle, #1 DT and #10 overall prospect in the nation. Leonard is extremely athletic and plays with an outstanding moter. His explosive first step and ability to quickly penetrate the opposing backfield leads to tackles for loss and sacks. He has a well-built frame that can still take on more bulk without losing his quickness. Leonard will be a force on Miami's agressive front line for years to come.

James Williams.jpg

James Williams is an elite 5-star safety, #1 S and #13 overall prospect in the nation. At 6'-5"/218, James is very large for a safety, but isn't so large that it affects his speed or range. He plays with a great motor and relentlessness. He is very smooth in coverage and fluid enough take on big tight ends. His range is very good and he can come downhill in the box to squash a ball carrier. Some analysts feel he will grow into a linebacker. However, Miami is all in for him at safety.


Jake Garcia.jpg

Jake Garcia is the #5 pro-style quarterback in the 2021 national recruiting class. He's a natural field general with a strongm and accurate arm. Jake has a quick release and excellent touch on the ball. OC Lashlee's QBs require  fast  decisions and a quick release. Garcia excels in both areas.  He's mobille and can extending plays with his legs, if necessary. or throw accurately on the run.