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updated: February 2, 2022  7:00 p.m. ET

  1. QB Jacurri Brown  (enrolled)

  2. CB Khamauri Rogers (enrolled)

  3. OLB Wesley Bissainthe (enrolled)

  4. CB Chris Graves (enrolled)

  5. WR Isaiah Horton (enrolled)

  6. S Markeith Williams(enrolled)

  7. CB Jaden Harris (enrolled)

  8. SDE Nyjalik Kelly(enrolled)

  9. TE Jaleel Skinner (enrolled)

  10. OLB Cyrus Moss (enrolled)

  11. RB TreVonte' Citizen (signed)

  12. OL Anez Cooper (signed)

  13. DT Ahmad Moten (signed)

  14. OT Matthew McCoy (signed)

  15. OT Josh Conerly

  16. DL Jacob Lichtenstein (transfer - enrolled)

  17. WR Frank Gladson (transfer- enrolled)

  18. RB Henry Parrish (transfer- enrolled)

  19. DL Antonio Moultrie (transfer - enrolled)

  20. IOL Logan Sagapolu (transfer -enrolled)

  21. OLB Kris Moll (transfer - UAB) 

Others: (no order)



GREEN = verbal commitment
BLUE - Trending Up
RED = Trending Down

* = commitment to another school




Transfer/late IC (orange highlight) are included in our projected recruiting class (ICs).

TheCaneReport each year publishes a rolling ranking of Miami’s targeted recruiting prospects. It’s called TCR50.

Perhaps we should start with what TCR50 is not.

TCR50 is not the same as our “Top of the Boards.”
TOB is based more on human information from sources.


TCR50... a probability model...

The TCR50 is our attempt to project the likelihood of a prospect signing with Miami. It's based on thousands of data points loaded into a statistical probability algorithm. It's all math at a “snap shot in time.”


We must warn you, this ranking will change a thousand times during the ebb & flow of the recruiting season. A prospect must have a legitimate Miami scholarship offer to qualify for ranking.

How we calculate...
We include scholarship offered, distance, positions of need, visits, top tier of schools, commitment and media impressions in our calculation, among other factors. "Media impressions" are based on media trending. We use six primary local media outlets and then supplement with numerous other sites from around the country, as appropriate. While not real time, we do attempt to calculate on a daily basis, unless life gets in the way.


2022 Positions of Need:
With the 2021 recruiting cycle in the books, we will now focus on the projected position needs in the 2022 recruiting cycle. We breadown the Canes position groups into one of three priority levels; HIGH, MEDUM and LOW.



1. Cornerback

2. Linebacker

3. Strong-Side DE

4. Quarterback


5. Offensive Tackle

6. Weak-Side DE

7. Tight End

8. Defensive Tackle

9. Running Back

10/11. IOL (Offensive Guard/Center)


12. Striker

13. Wide Receiver

14. Safety

As we analyze the position groups, we will post them HERE. When we finish the 14 position groups, we will force rank them and include "position of need" in our prospect probability projections.

Transfer Portal:
Due to the emergence of the “transfer portal,” we now fully integrate those transfer targets into our calculations. This usually occurs towards the end of the recruiting cycle when the final roster priorities need to be filled.


Oh yes, one last thing…don’t take this too seriously. It will drive you nuts. But it’s fun too!

The TCR50 will constantly change. Check back daily to see who is rising and who is falling on our board. Just click on the banner "TCR50" on the home page under "Recruiting Center."

GO Canes!

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